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buenas-practicas-t5001. Respect paths and directions you find. Close the gates and brambles you open during your visit.

2. Look at the animals from a distance and avoid making noise. Do not take “memories” of natural environments or historic places.

3. Do not fire or throw cigarette butts on the ground, as it may cause fires.

4. Choose places allowed for bathing, avoiding those areas where bathing is not allowed.

5. Use alternative public roads if other users are practicing hunting, as they could lead to unexpected serious accidents.

6. Dispose of waste responsibly without leaving trash in your path.

7. Minimize your trips by car or motorcycle. In rural areas it is easier to forget the vehicle and choose to explore the area on foot, bicycle or horseback.

8. Choose responsible tourism establishments that take into account recycling, energy and water saving, and respect for ecocultural heritage.

9. Use clothes suitable for the activity you are going to make, adapting it to the season of the year. Do not forget to bring water.

10. Spread the beauty and interest of the place you visit, helping a responsible tourism in the area contribute to its maintenance over time.

Thank you for your collaboration. Let us keep the rural environment.

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