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Forest Agents

Forest Agents

The Forest Agents Corps of the Community of Madrid (whose members have been granted the status of Agents of the Authority and Special Administrative Police, as well as the consideration of the Generic Judicial Police under the State Forestry Law), is one of the collective monitoring of the natural environment of the region.

With great presence in the area, they develop an important work of police, custody and surveillance for compliance with the regulations relating to forestry, flora, fauna, hunting, fishing, forest fires, inland waters, livestock trails, protected natural areas, landscape , correct use of natural resources, Historical-Artistic and Archaeological Heritage in the natural environment and everything that affects the natural environment. Likewise, it intervenes in the prevention, detection, extinction and investigation of forest fires and carries out functions of support and collaboration with the different Areas of the D.G. of the Environment, and others such as informing and guiding citizens in the proper use, enjoyment and conservation of the natural environment, or participating in environmental education programs and assistance in the cases of civil protection.
For its part, the Forest Plan of the Community of Madrid (based on Law 16/1995, of May 4, Forestry and Nature Protection of the Community of Madrid) divides the forest land into the so-called forest regions. Alameda del Valle, together with Rascafría and Pinilla del Valle, is part of Comarca 1 "Peñalara Natural Park".
There is no doubt that a natural environment of the characteristics of Valle Alto del Lozoya, considering the landscape and environmental values ​​that it treasures, thanks the presence of a body of these characteristics for its proper conservation.


Address: Pradera Street, S / N Oteruelo del Valle (28740) Rascafría
Telephone: 91 869 01 00 - 900 18 16 28
Hours: Winter service hours (November - April): 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Office hours summer (May - October): 24 hours.
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