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River fishing

River fishing

peq-3-ANTONIO(7)-t300The Lozoya River passing through Alameda del Valle is included in the Truchera area of the Community of Madrid, a fact that attracts a large number of fans to our town as well as activities and events related to fishing. Any person interested in carrying out this activity in our municipality, must comply with the regulations established for this purpose by the Community of Madrid and, in particular, the indications relating to Alameda del Valle.

Fishing in Alameda del Valle, as well as throughout the region, is regulated by the Order on the establishment of closed seasons and special regulation of fish farming activities in the rivers, streams and reservoirs of the Community of Madrid. It details all the elements to be taken into account and obligations to be met, providing timely information on obtaining permits, payment of fees, catches, species, dimensions, quotas, areas, fishing regime (sections), working periods, preserves, authorizations, schedules, arts, baits, commercialization and transportation, infractions, sanctions and other matters related to this activity.
You can consult the information of the Community of Madrid related to Fisheries [Website Comunidad de Madrid

ORDEN 10/2015 de 13 de enero, de la Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio, sobre establecimiento de vedas y regulación especial de la actividad piscícola en los ríos, arroyos y embalses de la comunidad de Madrid para el ejercicio de 2015

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Flora and Fauna Conservation Area: 91 580 16 53
Environmental Information: 901 525 525
Office of Assistance to the local population of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park in Oteruelo del Valle: 918 69 18 29
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