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Route to La Ermita de Santa Ana

Route to La Ermita de Santa Ana

Approximate distance: 3 Km. (One way)
Approximate time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Medium

The route that ascends to the Hermitage is one of the most beautiful routes that you can enjoy in our town. About 3 km. in length, this journey will allow us to enjoy beautiful views of the Lozoya Valley and its surroundings.
Part of the Ancient Eras, located in the lower part of the town where, after passing a wattle, we crossed the Grande Bridge of Lozoya River. Already on the other side of the river, just past the heliport, we must take the detour to the right. The road runs parallel to the Santa Ana stream, passes through the so-called Cueva de la Zorra and leaves in its wake the remains of the old tejera, a place where the tiles that still cover the houses of Alameda were made. Continuing the road, we arrive at the stone cross dedicated to the men who inhabited the valley, in front of which a short path opens that will take us directly to the Hermitage.

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