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Urban-rural housing

Urban-rural housing

peq-6-ANTONIO(2)-t500Alameda del Valle presents an interesting set of houses with urban characteristics that is distributed by different points of the urban area. Most of them are buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and incorporate some elements of formal architecture. This type of dwelling usually has a patio in front of the house that separates it from the street by means of a medium-height enclosure and an access door, commonly of iron and of two leaves. 

Most of them are two-story houses and left over. The facades are symmetrical (almost always revoked) with a centered access door and large windows on both sides of it. And aligned with them, three balconies on the first floor and three windows in the left. The roofs with two gables and curved tiles usually have the eaves topped with a brick cornice or the traditional wooden corbels.

One of the few ornaments of these buildings is the separation of the different floors with rows of bricks. The higher-end dwellings use stone or brick blocks to reinforce the building angles as well as the doors and windows, while the most common simulated the effect with paint or changes in texture or relief.

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